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Whiskey Bar Charlotte

If you are looking for a unique whiskey bar, Charlotte-based BAR ONE Lounge is the perfect place for after-work drinks, private events, and intimate get-togethers. Whether you are a neighbor or a visitor, brace yourself for the best whiskey bar Charlotte has to offer.

BAR ONE Lounge can be found at the back 800 Degrees Woodfired at Phillips Place and is truly the perfect locale for cocktails and late-night dining. During regular evening hours, our partner restaurant boasts a full menu of delicious pizza, burgers, chicken wings, and more. For late hours, try BAR ONE Lounge’s late-night menu.

Reserve (limited availability): (980) 880-4801

best whiskey bar in charlotte nc

Best Whiskey Bar in Charlotte, NC

whiskey bar in charlotte nc

BAR ONE Lounge is a discrete, unique, and one-of-a-kind whiskey bar in Charlotte NC serving rich and smooth whiskey options with unparalleled customer service.

We pride ourselves on being the best whiskey bar in Charlotte, NC. We have carefully designed our space with warm lighting, deep-seated leather booths, and original artwork. BAR ONE Lounge is located in SouthPark which is the heart of Phillips Place.

Our casual ambiance with an exclusive setting makes BAR ONE Lounge the locals’ choice for after-work drinks. BAR ONE Lounge is the best whiskey bar in Charlotte, NC for private events and intimate get-togethers.

BAR ONE Lounge - Whiskey Bar in Charlotte, NC

BAR ONE Lounge has its own unique identity for late-night dining and after-hours cocktails. Ensconced in low lighting, with locally-inspired murals adorning our walls, and surrounded by leathered booths and rich mahogany, our whiskey bar in Charlotte, NC brings something to the surrounding area and directly to Phillips Place and the surrounding area that has not existed before and is definitely deserved.

Local entrepreneurs Steven Jensen and Kyle O’Brien founded this whiskey bar in Charlotte, NC. Each founder boasts a proven and impressive track record in creating game-changing concepts and bringing them to market.

Reserve (limited availability): (980) 880-4801

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Our Location

6815 Phillips Place Court
Phillips Place – South Park
Charlotte, NC 28210

BAR ONE Lounge map
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