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with age
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Best Cocktails in Charlotte

BAR ONE Lounge, located at the back 800 Degrees Woodfired at Phillips Place, is the perfect locale for late-night dining and cocktails. Our bar features mahogany and leather booths and has been designed to deliver you an exclusive but casual ambiance.  We are proud to feature the best cocktails in Charlotte, the best mimosas in Charlotte, and the best margarita in Charlotte.

BAR ONE Lounge serves the best cocktails in Charlotte with exceptional cocktail options, in-house crafted margaritas, and mimosas in a relaxing atmosphere.

Secluded in South Park inside Phillips Place, BAR ONE Lounge is just minutes from uptown Charlotte, NC. Our bar is a step into a new world.

Whether you are on your way out or on your way home, we pride ourselves on being the premier bar with the best cocktails in Charlotte.

Reserve (limited availability): (980) 880-4801

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Best Mimosas in Charlotte

Whether you are here for the conversation, a blended scotch, whiskey, the best mimosas in Charlotte, artisanal wine, a local draft, or a martini or old fashioned, BAR ONE Lounge is a sophisticated bar and lounge that truly jibes with the Queen City.

BAR ONE Lounge is a thriving social space with the best mimosas in Charlotte, a great place for light dining, celebrations or intimate gatherings.

Our Phillips Place location is a result of the partnership of local entrepreneurs Steven Jensen, a veteran of the entertainment industry, and Kyle O’Brien, with a long-proven track record food and beverage industry, who have teamed up to create BAR ONE Lounge, along with neighboring restaurant 800 Degrees Woodfired Phillips Place.

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Best Margarita in Charlotte

BAR ONE Lounge is the perfect place for that private gathering, powered negotiation, special event, after party or celebration. We have created an exclusive setting with the best margarita in Charlotte, unlike any other, for the perfect drinks at that private event.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a unique and one-of-a-kind event with the best margarita in Charlotte.

Reserve (limited availability): (980) 880-4801

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Our Location

6815 Phillips Place Court
Phillips Place – South Park
Charlotte, NC 28210

BAR ONE Lounge map
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